To increase engagement in the HIV care continuum, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), in collaboration with geographically diverse partner organizations that have rich histories serving cis- and transgender women of color living with and vulnerable to HIV, developed and regularly convened the Women’s Connection Task Force. The Task Force is comprised of representatives from 30 organizations that have focused on HIV, as well as those that serve women, but have not traditionally provided services or programs related to HIV. The primary objective of the Task Force is to develop and implement a local plan to engage women of color in Chicago across the HIV continuum of care. The Task Force also holds bimonthly meetings and has an established method of communication in order to plan for community engagement activities.


Conducted a needs assessment of women of color living with and vulnerable to HIV

Developed an asset map of resources serving target populations

Hosted six community events to engage more women of color


In order to build upon the skills that Task Force members already possess, they have taken part in a number of trainings since coming together.
  • PrEP 101
  • Trans 101
  • Domestic Violence and HIV
  • Human Sexuality
  • Disparities in HIV and aging
  • Technology and digital media
  • Trauma informed care
  • Women’s reproductive health
  • Community planning
  • Summit of health